Monday, October 20, 2008

Being poor!

Are your debts getting on top of you? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Yes. Well then your probably a student.

Coping with a cash shortage is nothing new to college student. Especially us living in the "rip-off republic"-the craic is an expensive habit.

We all desire the best, but there's something to be said for the great feeling that comes with cutting corners. Pre-drinking before the pub, buying your clothes in Penney's, food shopping in Lidl, scabbing off your friends... (kidding)! These all give you that beautiful bargain feeling.

A students frugality is often underestimated. In fact students make up some of the world's great economists! They are able to cut corners in ways that most post grads often forget. I know one student who was willing to have her buttock's marked with two small cuts in medical trials for scar cream. The fee was able to sustain her alcohol consumption for a whole month! Isn't that super?!

So lets not worry about the current credit crunch, lets embrace it.

Like a first year.


Emma said...

well said gem. I'm all for cutting corners. Free giveaways and sampling in Supermarkets are great ways to avoid buying lunch!

Susan said...

you say all this but you'll be dammed if anyone who smokes gives them up and starts scabbing "ends". some things just can't be avoided unfortunately!Although in saying that i would be highly interested in pulling a castro on it and producing my own petrol....any ideas how to go about this venture!?

Gemma Woodcock said...

Yeah make your own bio-diesel..... it's all the rage in Australia. But I do believe it may be illegal.

Susan said...

Meh so is weed and talk on ur mobile while driving but hasnt stopped me yet!!!!

Molly Moon said...

I cannot believe the lengths some people will go for a little tipple! Well said Woodcock, alas if only we werent so driven by our materialist desires we might actually apply our student scrimping to times when 'sainsburys basics' and 'glenns' aren't common vocbulary. Unfortunately I love my luxuries when and where they happen, and no amount of scrounging satisfaction is going to change that!