Monday, October 13, 2008

My first entry (from the rear ha ha!)

Welcome to this blog. I say 'this blog' because I truly want to keep my distance from the word 'my blog'. Having my name so closely attached to any piece of writing is a step I'm not that willing to take at the moment. This is not an attempt to rant and rave like a narcissistic twat but purely for academic purposes (journalism demands it!).

Figuring out what to base a blog on was quite the bamboozling task in itself! After conversing it over drinks in the pub (which led me no closer to my first topic) it sprang upon me that nearly every conversation had while there was based around sexual deviancy! One conversation in particular about a certain persons peculiar obsession with doing it up the... led me to my first idea "The history and obsession with anal sex!” - A non sordid discussion on a gay old past time. So I set about doing some research on the net, convinced that I could discuss it in a mature and informative fashion! So far so good, until I came across such words as 'bottom stimulation' and 'anallingus ' with such instructive descriptions that I really could no longer continue with my investigations. It was way too much for me and has reinforced my opinion that ignorance really is bliss!!!

I think I’ll leave those sorts of topics to the less prudish! I’m off to say some prayers!


marani said...

hahaha nice one!!!

Knoob Head said...

Gemma is a sexy Bitch!

Knoob Head said...

I'm your biggest fan.......I stalk you but you don't know it.