Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Reality never lives up to expectation!

For those of us messed up little cretins who have spent the past 12 months in either a state of debauched drunkenness or horrific hungoverness, the New Year will be welcomed. Not because we will be revelling it up on some overpriced themed night down in the depths of nowhere but because the bloody year will be OVER! Thank God and thank Christ (considering it is his birthday month) that we can finally consign 2008 to the memory bank dustbin.

"Whooo hooooooo" will echo from the rooftops.

"Thank God it's over! Screw you 2008... You were rubbish anyway!"

But of course we will start 2009 with the same silly naivety that we began this very year with. Hopes and dreams and expectations that will blow up in our stupid little faces by the following December. Things will happen and people will let you down in ways you can't imagine right now.
Where you stand at midnight this year will be a thousand miles away from where you'll be standing next year. Reality never ever lives up to expectation, so it's best to expect nothing... except the worst if you really can't contain yourself! Don't bother planning for the New Year as it will all most probably go to shite anyway. Go with the flow... the sewage flow. It really won't make a difference. Planning always leads to catastrophe but spontaneity saves the day! You don't have to rejoice in the uncertainty, but to avoid disappointment book early for a place in the Disillusioned Drag race. You'll be glad of it next December when the let down's not as big and you'll probably want to thank me.

On a lighter note, let's enjoy the last 29 days of this year. In the same way we've enjoy the previous 334... I'll see you in the pub.

Have a fun day guys!